Effects of the Biden Administration on my Estate Plan

How the Biden Administration Could Affect Your Estate Plan?

2021 began with President Biden assuming his role in the White House office. Now Democrats control the House of Representatives ...
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5 Common Estate Planning Myths

A large number of Americans do not have an estate plan. Aside from the challenges of not having an estate ...
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LLC Basics

What is an LLC (Limited Liability Company)

If you are a business owner consider making your business a legal entity. A limited liability company (LLC) is a ...
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The Difference Between An Estate Executor And An Estate

What is the difference between an estate executor and an estate administrator?

Understanding Estate Administration and Probate Probate is a legal process in which all estates must go through, as long as ...
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6 Things You Need For Estate Planning

6 Estate Planning Must-Haves

A common misconception is that having an estate plan simply means drafting a will or a trust. However, there is ...
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LLC for asset protection

Using a LLC for Asset Protection

A Limited Liability Corporation, or LLC, can be utilized for any size firm, from sole proprietorships to multi-ownerships. In addition, ...
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Estate Planning for Small Businesses

Estate Planning Guidance for Small Business Owners

Did you know that the majority of small companies fail within the first generation? It's not because these firms aren't ...
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Inheriting Season Tickets

Can You Inherit Season Tickets?

The executor’s role can be complicated by distribution of unique assets that the deceased individual’s last will does not account ...
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transferring estates after deaths

Transferring Real Estate to Family After Death

The death of any family member is a devastating and tragic event. It can be overwhelming to deal with all ...
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covid electronic will

Has COVID-19 Caused an Increase in Electronic Wills?

After seeing a dip in the number of U.S. COVID-19 cases, cases are rising again and at an alarming rate ...
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What You Can Learn About Estate Planning from Celebrities

What links Pablo Picasso, Jimi Hendrix, Abraham Lincoln, and Aretha Franklin? Not much, you're probably thinking. They do, however, share ...
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Asset Protection Trust

3 Different Types of Asset Protection Trusts

Awareness surrounding the importance of asset protection soared during the COVID–19 pandemic. In particular, the Law Office of Inna Fershteyn ...
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Legal Documents for 18 Year Old

Three Essential Legal Documents You Need When Your Child Turns 18

As parents and guardians, seeing your children grow up so quickly can leave you forgetting about the importance of planning ...
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Can a Non - U.S Citizen Create an Estate Plan in the USA

Can a Non – U.S Citizen Create an Estate Plan in the USA?

Are you trying to create an estate plan but have concerns regarding your citizenship status? You may not be the ...
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surviving spouse retirement account

A Surviving Spouse’s Right to Inherit Retirement Accounts

Many people have retirement plan accounts to which they contribute funds regularly. In the tragic case that the account owner ...
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Britney Spears’ Conservatorship Case

The Case of Britney Spears’ Conservatorship

The spotlight on Britney Spears’ fight to end her conservatorship has turned a public eye on a fraught and urgent ...
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Establishing a Living Trust

Is a Living Trust Right For You?

Living trusts, or revocable trusts, are often established to prevent the probate process over a loved one’s assets after they ...
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Contest a Last Will

How Can a Last Will Be Contested?

On rare occasions, wills are challenged in court if the will does not follow necessary guidelines. In some cases, the ...
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What to Avoid When Drafting a Will

What to Avoid When Drafting a Will

It is important to live life with a present mindset. However, it is also important to be prepared for the ...
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How to Prepare for Your Initial Consultation With an Estate Planning Attorney?

How to Prepare for Your Initial Consultation With an Estate Planning Attorney?

Being prepared is a feeling that everyone wants to experience especially when you are about to plan major life decisions ...
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