The Importance of Having Advance Directives

The Importance of Advance Directives

Aging is inescapable, and while many have tried to delay or avoid the inevitable, none have succeeded. It’s important, therefore, ...
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Estate Planning for New Parents

5 Estate Planning Tips for New Parents

For most new parents, caring for their newborn infant (and all the baggage that comes with that) is already enough ...
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Text: What to Do Before You Retire

Planning for Retirement – 9 Things to Consider Before Leaving the Workforce

When we first start the journey of our career, we never really consider a 401k plan or anything of the ...
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What Is Micro Estate Planning

One Day Here, Next Day Gone: How A Micro Estate Plan Protects Our Children

As we grow older, we do not necessarily want to think about the end that is drawing near. As a ...
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Foreign Assets in Estate Planning

Accounting for Foreign Assets in Estate Planning

In today’s rapidly globalizing economy, diplomats, government officials, travel representatives, and employees of major international companies are not the only ...
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What Can I Leave Behind If I Don’t Have Kids

What Can the Childless Leave Behind?

A Legacy with No Heirs: What You Can Still Leave Behind When we pass on, what do we leave behind ...
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How to Create Digital Estate Plan

How to Create a Digital Estate Plan

When we think of estate planning, traditionally assets like cars, homes, art collections and other valuables come to mind. In ...
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How to Survive Medicaid fraud Investigation

How to Survive a Medicaid Fraud Investigation

Receiving a Medicaid fraud letter can be intimidating. Alone, the average person does not possess adequate knowledge to understand why ...
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Estate Planning for Unmarried People

Estate Planning for the Unmarried

Wills are often regarded as the most reliable way to safeguard our assets after we pass away by passing them ...
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Importance of Ethical Will

Ethical Wills – Passing Down Values Along with Wealth

Before we pass away, we often find ourselves thinking about what we will leave behind for future generations. While leaving ...
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Intellectual Property in Estate Planning

Accounting for Intellectual Property in Estate Planning

There is no doubt that wills and trusts are an indispensable part of any estate plan. They are an essential ...
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How to Avoid Estate Planning Schemes

How to Avoid Estate Planning Schemes

It is an unfortunate fact that immoral estate advisors prey upon elders and their families and can bilk thousands if ...
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Pros and Cons of Incentive Trusts

Passing On More Than Just Wealth: The Pros and Cons of Incentive Trusts

As parents and grandparents, we inherently hope that our children and grandchildren will act responsibly when handling an inheritance, regardless ...
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How Retirement Accounts Factor into Estate Planning

Retirement Accounts in Estate Planning

As we have covered before on the blog, the importance of carefully-executed estate planning cannot be understated, and can hold ...
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Three Documents for Entrepreneur Estate Planning

Three Emergency Documents for Entrepreneurial Estate Planning

With great power comes great responsibility, and entrepreneurship is definitely a tremendous responsibility. More often than not, a business is ...
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Family Conflict Threat to Inheritance

Family Conflicts Are the Top Threat to Inheritance

To most people, the concept of inheritance may seem fairly straightforward – when someone in a family dies or is ...
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Why MFCU Expansion Would Increase Medicaid Fraud Recovery Rates

Why an MFCU Expansion Would Increase Medicaid Fraud Recovery Rates

Over the last several years, particularly since the start of President Trump’s administration, the topic of Medicaid fraud has seen ...
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Why Businesses Require Estate Planning

Businesses Require Proper Estate Planning

While many people associate the process of estate planning with retirement and owning significant value in assets, the fact of ...
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Estate Planning When Separated

Estate Planning Considerations When Separated but Not Divorced

As the divorce rate among married couples has stabilized at around forty-five percent in recent decades, an increasing amount of ...
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Making Amendments to Irrevocable Trust

Amending the Irrevocable Trust

The concept behind the irrevocable trust, a popular estate planning tool, is relatively simple; irrevocable trusts cannot be revoked and ...
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