How to Recognize and Avoid Senior Scams

Senior Abuse: Top Senior Scams and How to Avoid Them

As unfortunate as it is, it is no secret that tons of financial scams exist that target the elderly population ...
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Mistakes to Avoid In Elder Planning

Elder Law Essentials: Mistakes to Avoid In Elder Planning

One of the benefits of hiring an attorney to draft your estate plan is that the law is highly nuanced, ...
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Medicaid Fraud – Case Updates in 2019

Medicaid is a type of insurance program that was created to provide health care services to people that are low-income ...
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What to do when you turn 65

Long-Term Planning: What Happens When You Turn 65?

Time gets us all, and before you know it you’ve celebrated your 65th birthday and thoughts of how you will ...
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Taxes in Estate Planning

What You Should Know About Taxes in Estate Planning

Just as they do during life, taxes affect you even after death. When drafting your estate plan, you should know ...
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The Benefits of Non-Probate Transfers

The Benefits Of Non-Probate Transfers

Probate, a dirty word in estate planning, is the process where a court determines the legitimacy of your will and ...
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What Is A Pour Over Will

Forgot to Place A Property In Your Trust? – When A Pour-Over Will Can Come in Handy

The Use Of A Pour-Over Will One of the most important things you can do to ensure a peaceful transfer ...
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Protecting assets from nursing home

How Much Money Can A Spouse Have Before Having To Pay for An Assisted Living Facility?

As couples age, they may reach a point in time when one spouse needs to enter a nursing home while ...
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Transmutation in Estate Planning

Mine and Yours? Transmutation in Estate Planning

While individuals within a marriage may not put much thought into whether a property is legally classified as separate, or ...
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When Can You Collect A Deceased Spouse’s Social Security Retirement Benefits

When Can You Collect A Deceased Spouse’s Social Security Retirement Benefits?

When Can You Collect A Deceased Spouse’s Social Security Retirement Benefits The social security administration should be notified as promptly ...
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What Is The Stretched IRA

Estate Planning Tools – The End of the “Stretch” IRA?

This past month, the House Ways and Means Committee has unveiled a new act aimed at modifying regulations surrounding the ...
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Medicaid Fraud In New York

Update on Medicaid Fraud In New York

Medicaid is a federal and state program that provides individuals with low incomes, disabilities, or other conditions to receive medical ...
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Transfer on Death Accounts

Transfer on Death Accounts – Bypassing Probate?

Probate is the court-supervised process of authenticating a last will and testament of a deceased individual. The probate process involves ...
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Reporting Employer Medicaid Fraud

I Believe My Employer Has Committed Medicaid Fraud, How Do I Report It?

Reporting Medicaid Fraud for your employer Medicaid fraud costs the government billions of dollars every year, which averts funds that ...
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3 Key Events That Warrant Another Look At Your Estate Plan

As life goes on, essential milestones come along such as getting married, remarried, having children, or retiring which can warrant ...
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how to avoid disinheriting children when remarrying

Remarried? Here’s How to Avoid Accidentally Disinheriting Your Kids

If you are remarried and hope to have your kids inherit assets from a previous marriage, it is crucial not ...
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Why You Need A Will Regardless of Wealth Status

A will is an essential part of any estate plan. It is a vital legal document that designates the distribution ...
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Why You Need Estate Planning

10 Don’ts of Estate Planning

Not having an estate plan at all You may have your reasons for procrastinating, but ultimately nobody escapes death. Thorough ...
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How Does The Government Prevent Medicaid Fraud

What Is The Government Doing to Prevent Medicaid Fraud?

Healthcare fraud is a type of white-collar crime that involves the filing of inaccurate healthcare claims with the intent to ...
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Why You Need A Power of Attorney

“Daniel’s Husband”- A Heart Wrenching Tragedy About Marriage and Estate Planning.

“Daniel’s Husband,” an emotional and dramatic play, examines the fragility of human relationships and whether marriage is an optimal option ...
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