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How to Start Talking to Your Family About Estate planning

How to Start Talking to Relatives About Estate Planning

Talking about death and money is an uncomfortable topic for many- especially when both are in the same conversation. It ...
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How to Incorporate Adopted Children or Stepchildren In Your Estate Plan

In many households, parents care for and form unique bonds with children that are not theirs biologically, such as adopted ...
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Advantages and Disadvantages to Separate or Joint Trusts for Married Couples

Having a trust is essential for comprehensive estate planning protection. However, if you are married, you will need to be ...
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What Happens If You Die Without a Will?

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic causing an uprising of interest in estate plans, there was a survey in 2022 that found ...
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Probate

Advantages and Disadvantages of Probate

What is Probate? Probate is a court-supervised legal process that follows an individual's death, whereby a probate court will establish ...
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Addressing Estranged Children In An Estate Plan

3 Ways To Address an Estranged Child In your Estate Plan

All families experience conflicts, but if it is to a particularly severe extent, you may not want one of your ...
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Duration of Executor’s Job

How Long Does An Executor’s Job Take?

Being an executor of an estate can prove to be a particularly time-consuming responsibility. While a standard simple estate may ...
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Leaving Family Unequal Inheritances

3 Steps to Take If You Want to Leave Your Family Unequal Inheritances

An inheritance is money you leave behind for specific individuals in your will. If you have children, it is likely ...
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Asset Protection Solutions for Entrepreneurs

5 Asset Protection Solutions for Entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur, adopting asset protection strategies is essential to protecting your profits. Asset protection is a form ...
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Hire An Attorney to File Your Probate Proceeding

Why a Lawyer Should File a NYC Probate Proceeding on Your Behalf

Probate is a complicated process that requires executors to uphold immense responsibilities in distributing the estate of a deceased individual ...
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Elder Care Planning Tips for National Elder Law Month

National Elder Law Month: 5 Elder Care Planning Tips

May is the celebration month of National Elder Law Month! Originating in 1963, National Elder Law Month stemmed from President ...
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Choosing the Right Executor

5 Tips for Choosing The Right Executor For Your Estate

Estate planning is the process of legally deciding how your assets will be distributed in the event of your death ...
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Planning Effectively After Dementia Diagnosis

How to Effectively Plan Ahead When Diagnosed with Dementia?

After receiving a devastating diagnosis of dementia, you may be overwhelmed with confusion on what next steps to take. Many ...
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Questions To Ask An Elder Law Attorney

Top 10 Things to Ask your Elder Law Attorney

Speaking with an Elder Law attorney in New York is often nerve- racking, as it’s hard to know what questions ...
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Different Types of Wills That Are Drafted In NY

Estate planning is an important and necessary step in ensuring you and your loved ones are taken care of in ...
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Drafting a Trust Over A Will During Covid19

Is A Trust Better than a Will after COVID-19 Pandemic?

For almost two years now, the world we live in has been impacted greatly by the Covid-19 pandemic. During these ...
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Changing a Will: When Should I Do It?

We recently had a client come in to change his last will. Although he had not originally intended to make ...
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Requirements to Serve as an Executor of an Estate

Who Can Serve as an Executor of an Estate?

When drafting a will, it is crucial that you name an Executor. An Executor is a personal representative of your ...
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When is it necessary to review or change my estate plan?

We live through many life events and we want our estate plan to reflect us. An estate plan usually consists ...
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Importance of Revising Your Estate Plan Before and After Divorce

Divorce can be a complicated legal procedure, but an important aspect to consider before and after the divorce is your ...
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