” If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write something worth reading or do something worth writing”. Dear Ms. Fershteyn, I think this phrase can easily be applicable to you. You really preformed an excellent job for me as a result I will always remember you, and it is a pleasure to write about you and recommend you so that other people can be certain that they are selecting exceptional and competent attorney! When I received a letter from medicaid office, I was looking for a good attorney who could resolve my seemingly hopeless case. I read all your reviews and I could not believe that almost all of your clients can be so satisfied with your services. Since attorneys tend to have a bad reputation, I was concerned that your reviews could be fake so that you could attract more clientele to your office. Today, I would like to apologize and acknowledge that I was so wrong. You exceeded my expectation. During the initial meeting, you not only did not judge me, you did not yell at me for being so ignorant and you had a good understanding of my situation. You also told me not to worry and promised me that you were going to move the heaven and earth to resolve this issue for me. Unlike other attorneys, you were not arrogant and you charged a reasonable amount for services that you provided. Secondly, you were very efficient and resolved my case within two weeks. Third, you arrived to sign the agreement on time. Fourth, you had so much respect for me as a client, when the staff from hra did not show up on time, you did not sit passively but really fought to speed the process up. I was out within 10 minutes and you still apologized me for them. I truly believe you are one of the best attorneys in NY. Later when I gave you a good review on yelp you took your time to call me to say thank you and also you recommended me a good book to read. As I told you over the phone things in life happen for a reason. You are one of these people who will certainly leave a memorable trace in my life and will never be forgotten. And yes I will send you a photo of my baby as I promised:) God Bless you! Please do not change!!!

B. Franklin

I had a Medicaid fraud investigation case. I was terrified when I got the letter from the HRA office of investigation. Long story short, I searched for a good attorney and I found Inna, with the help of other people’s reviews. Attorney Inna and her paralegal Dina were able to help me settle my case . I got a settlement to pay back what I owe to medicate for small payments made monthly for seven years. I can live with that, and still take care of my kids and continue my journey to college. My nightmare is over. I wish no one goes through this. But if you need help with similar issues, take the letter and go to Inna’s office. She will take care of the rest.

Delara E.

Inna Fershtein did a great job fighting for me and my best interests. Most situations that require an attorney aren’t good, but she made my situation as good as possible for me. She stood beside me throughout the entire process. She is very personable, easy to talk to. I will definitely use her again when I need legal services. Highly recommended!

Aleksandra I.

When me and my wife got the HRA letter we don’t know what to do. My friend referred me to her and gave me her phone #.  I call the office and next day i got an appointment. They work fast and all the person who work there they are very nice. They do all the work for you. If you want something done right She is the lawyer you have to call.

Michael K.

I came to Inna Fershteyn with questions about Medicaid planning. Inna was really nice and answers all questions and returned all phone calls. Her office is very professional and organized. I recommended her to my friends after and they all were happy with her Services.

Mira S.

When me n my wife got the HRA letter we dont know what to do. My friend referred me to her and gave me her phone # I call the office and next day I got n appointment. They work fast n all the person who work there they are very nice. They do all the work for you. If you want something done right She is the lawyer you have to call.

R S.

Highly recommend Law Office of Inna Fershteyn to anyone who got a letter from HRA regarding the Medicaid Fraud investigation. I do not recommend anyone dealing with those investigators themselves. When I called, investigator was extremely rude and pushy. She intimidated me with all sorts of questions and finally told me that I can go to jail. Inna Fershteyn provided me with peace of mind and explained all possible outcomes of my case, in fact, I never had to deal with those nasty investigators again, which was a great relief.

Kimberly H.

Highly recommend Law Office of Inna Fershteyn to anyone who got a letter from HRA regarding the Medicaid Fraud investigation. I do not recommend anyone dealing with those  investigators themselves. When I called, investigator was extremely rude and pushy. She intimidated me with all sorts of questions and finally told me that I can go to jail. Inna Fershteyn provided me with peace of mind and explained all possible outcomes of my case. She assured me that there will be no criminal charges and, in fact, I never had to deal with those nasty investigators again, which was a great relief.

Raymond R.

We received a letter from HRA stating that my elderly father is under investigation in connection with his Medicaid. This was extremely confusing and disturbing. Ms. Fershteyn’s knowledge and experience in such type of cases allowed her to resolve the case in two weeks and the best of all was that my father remained eligible for Medicaid.

I would recommend attorney Inna Fershteyn to anyone who received a letter from HRA, or looking for a legal advice.

Sameer M.

I received from Bureau of Fraud Investigation at 250 Church Street and could not sleep at night. I did some research and several people recommended the Law Office of Inna Fershteyn. After meeting with her, I hired her right away and was not disappointed in the end. She settled my case within 2 weeks, which allowed me to sleep at night again. Hopefully I will never have to deal with anything like this again, but I would recommend Inna highly if anyone else is in the same shoes as me again.

Allen K.

I received a letter from Bureau of Fraud Investigation at 250 Church Street and could not sleep at night. I did some research and several people recommended the Law Office of Inna Fershteyn. After meeting with her, I hired her right away and was not disappointed in the end. She settled my case within 2 weeks, which allowed me to sleep at night again. Hopefully I will never have to deal with anything like this again, but I would recommend Inna highly if anyone else is in the same shoes as me again.

Grigory Y.

Inna is a very professional and experienced attorney! I was under a lot of stress when I got a letter about being investigated for Medicaid fraud. However, I was reassured and all my questions were answered. Very glad that she handled my case so well. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for legal representation!

Barbara P.

I would like to express my appreciation to the attorney Inna Fershteyn and her office. She helped me when my case was investigated by Medicaid. She negotiated it with the investigator, so I ended up keeping my insurance and closing my case completely. She is very diligent, the office is very friendly and she was always available to answer any of my questions. I can recommend attorney Fershteyn to anyone who is looking for legal representation. 

Michael M.

Inna Fershteyn is excellent attorney. I saw several attorneys before and none of them helped. My company was supposed to repay a huge amount back to Medicaid. We were under Medicaid Fraud Investigation. Inna gave us excellent advice and helped us to stay in business. I would recommend her office and would come back in case I need any legal advice.

Ada H.

I hired attorney to help me with the audit report I have received from Medicaid for my ambulette company. Ms. Fershteyn helped me to deal with Medicaid Audit Office and significantly reduced the amount of stress I was under. She was very professional when contacted Medicaid and was very knowledgeable when answered my questions. The attorney always returned all of my phone calls and always responded to all my question in a timely manner. I give her office a five star rating and will definitely come back if I need any legal representation in the future.

Amara S.

I referred my neighbors to New York attorney Inna Fershteyn who had Medicaid fraud investigation case. I found Inna’s name on the internet based on her positive reviews as top NY Medicaid Fraud attorney. My neighbors are not computer savvy and asked me to first find them an attorney on line and later to write this review review for her. They didn’t sleep at night when they first received a letter from Medicaid fraud office, but Inna even went to their fraud investigation interview for them. They called me to say that they really appreciated my referral and that Inna did a terrific job not only closing their case pretty much right away, but also reducing the amount that they had to pay Medicaid back to almost nothing.

Marina Z.

I needed help to reinstate participation of my ambulette company with Medicaid Program. Inna Fershteyn provided fast and reliable services and helped me keep my company up and running. I would definitely recommend Inna Fershteyn to anyone who is looking for legal representation. 

Alex M.

I have hired Inna Fershteyn to help me to reinstate my ambulette company with Medicaid Program. The problem was urgent. She completed the process of reinstatement in no time, saving my company from closing down. I highly recommend Inna Fershteyn to anyone who is looking for legal representation.

Alex B.

Attorney Inna Fershteyn represented us in very difficult case involving medicaid. She submitted documents for us, represented us during hearing and actually won the case. We were very nervous as we were accused of medicaid fraud but everything actually resolved in our favor.

Sonya M.

Attorney Inna Fershteyn assisted my family with Medicaid fraud investigation case. It sounded very scary when we received a letter from Medicaid Fraud unit and were asked to come in for an “interview”. She attended an interview on our behalf and worked out a compromise where we actually got to keep our Medicaid. Very grateful as our situation was very stressful.

Anna L.

High Quality, Extreme Professionalism and Very Affordable is how I can describe the Law Office of Inna Fershteyn and Associates. We needed to do emergency Medicaid Planning for my mother-in-law who suddenly became really ill and could no longer care for herself. I live far from her and me and my husband both work. It was a life and death situation that we get my mother-in-law Medicaid and Home care Aid as soon as possible. I asked around and several of my friends recommended Law Office of Inna Fershteyn as Top Medicaid Planning attorney in NY. I checked her on Google and Yelp and saw that she had over 75 Five Star client reviews- the most of all the estate planing attorneys who came up. After calling her law office and speaking to her incredible paralegal Dina I knew why all the positive reviews were written. We were treated with so much courtesy and professionalism and every step in Medicaid Planning and Asset Protection process was explained thoroughly. Everything was done with the lightening speed as time was of the essence- I took so much time from work to care for my mother-in-law we could not lose any more time. We did what Inna suggested to make sure my mother-in-law can qualify for Medicaid as soon as possible. Inna set up Irrevocable Trust and transferred her Brooklyn house and a bank account there, she also did Pooled income trust and Medicaid application. Inna also prepared Living Will/ Healthcare proxy and power of attorney for my mother-in-law (free of charge may I add) as she said those documents were really necessary. We were incredibly happy with her work, her prices were really reasonable and most importantly she was always available to talk to on the phone or via email. I had to write this review to let other people know not to look any further and pick the Law Office of Inna Fershteyn- she is a real deal and she would be with your family every step of the way.

ira pobeda

We hired Inna Fershteyn based on friend’s recommendation and after reading positive reviews about her office on Yelp and Google. We have 3 minor children and wanted to make sure that they were protected in the event that something happens to us. After the first consultation it was obvious that Inna knew what she was doing and was an expert in estate planning field. She explained to us about the difference of a will and a trust and also discussed the best way to save taxes. She did a comprehensive estate plan for our family that included a trust which she transferred our house to, wills for me and my wife and living wills. Everything was done in a very short period of time and Inna’s fees were very reasonable. She never raised it even when we asked to prepare an additional Power of Attorney for us. She even included the cost of her consultation into the price of our planning. She was very approachable and even after everything was done continued to return phone calls and address our questions. We already recommended her highly to all our friends and now I am sending my mother to her law office to do Medicaid Planning as she is about to retire.

Aleksey Shapiro

I am a financial advisor and I recommend clients to Inna Fershteyn when they need asset protection, Medicaid planning, or estate planning done. I have to say that over the last few years I have only heard positive responses about Inna’s work. She is very diligent, polite, respecting of client’s wishes, and takes her time to explain things to clients no matter how trivial the question can be. She works with extremely tight deadlines to make sure clients don’t lose their benefits and is always available for questions. I am so impressed with her work that I recommended my own mother to do Estate planning with Inna’s law office recently. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Daniel Gikher

My husband and I needed to do Estate planning for my family and to appoint guardians for our minor kids. I asked my friends for a recommendation and more than one person (already a good sign) recommended Inna Fershteyn as the best estate planning lawyers in NY. I went on line and googled her and found more than 70 amazing reviews under her name so I felt pretty good about the recommendations and decided to try her out. From the minute I walked in to her office, I knew I was in the right place. Inna gave my husband and I the most comprehensive and informative consultation on Estate planning that basically gave us structure and peace of mind for the rest of our lives. The consultation fee was very reasonable but Inna actually credited that entire fee towards our Trust work so in the end it was a free consultation for us. Inna is not only brilliant at what she does she also takes time with you, and answers every question. I highly recommend you meet with her law office, and do all your estate planning work there. And her prices are extremely reasonable.

A Gordin

I wanted to setup Estate Planning. I did some research and found Inna Fershtehn on YouTube. I was impressed with her expertise so I contacted her on a Friday evening, she responded to me to on Saturday morning and we met Monday morning. We had an in-depth conversation, she went to court on my behalf, and met again the following Wednesday to sign all the legal documents. Her staff is also kind and professional. I’m very happy to have found Inna and recommend her for anyone in need to setup Estate Planning!

Gino Evangelista

Attorney Inna Fershteyn did Trust work for me and I couldn’t be happier. She was very attentive to every detail, discussed my family situation and addressed all my questions during numerous meetings and phone calls. She knew that I was a retiree and living on a fixed income and she went above and beyond her call of duty. I recommend her very highly.

Janet Brown

Excellent service in trusts and estates. Explained everything in detail and gave all available options. Would highly recommend to anyone for quality work.

Boris Yaguda

I found Inna Fershteyn on line after searching for Estate planning attorney in Brooklyn. Her profile came up and after reading over 70 glowing reviews I knew I had to call her office. After doing my own estate planning with her office I have to say that all those reviews were really true.

We had our initial consultation with attorney Inna Fershteyn personally and she did the most comprehensive estate planning during that first meetings. She reviewed our entire estate, the age of our kids, when we would plan to retire, how much money we had in our pension plans, if we had life insurance for our minor kids and explained the difference between trust and will and how will has to go through probate process and trust does not. We felt like we were in very capable hands after the first initial consultation and immediately signed a retainer to do a revocable living trust, healthcare proxies and power of attorneys and to transfer our house into a trust to avoid probate in the future. I have to say that the price for our estate planning work was extremely reasonable.

Inna prepared all the documents and transferred our house into a trust within two weeks of the first initial consultations and we again had a chance to review it with her and ask her questions. We were told that we are her clients and as clients can call at any time with any questions we might have in the future. And we did take her up on her offer numerous times calling with legal issues that didn’t even relate to Estate planning and always got a phone call back.

I have since recommended Inna Fershteyn’s law office to all my friends who need estate planning done or who have aging parents who may need Medicaid planning as her office specializes in Medicaid planning in NY as well. And before hiring any attorney who was recommended I would suggest to read the reviews of them first and see how long that attorney has been in practice and what his specialty is. If you do your due diligence ahead of time you won’t be disappointed later.

Marina Maskovsky

Legal matters can be overwhelming to say the least. I’m extremely happy that my sister-in-law introduced me to the law office of Inna Fershteyn. Inna Fershteyn explained Elder Law Planning to my husband and I and really put us all at ease and prepared to take care of our parents as they grow older. Inna was so diligent and took the time to truly educate us on all our options, helping us plan today for an uncertain tomorrow.

Alyona Romanoff

Inna Fershteyn did Estate planning for my family and I couldn’t be happier. As someone with small children I understand how important it is to protect them, to appoint a guardian and to take care of the financial issues. For anyone who wants a peace of mind even when going on vacation without kids, I highly recommend the best Estate planning lawyer in Brooklyn, Inna Fershteyn.

Dr. Leona Kotlyar

Great specialist in trusts and wills.
Extremely knowlagable and very responsible.
Highly recommended by many of my friends.

Ekaterina Fershteyn

My family and I have been working with Law Office of Inna Fershteyn for over a year on complex business and estate planning issue and our estate planning needs. There are a few things that I want to mention about Mrs Fershteyn: 1. She is highly intelligent and has great personal skills. She makes sure we understand all potential legal options. 2. She always returns phone calls no matter how trivial our questions are. From my experience with lawyers it’s an unusual and welcome habit. 3. She cares about her clients and about client’s money.
If this is not enough reason for you to try her law office I don’t know what is. She is the best Estate planning lawyer in NY.

Eugene P.

When I was finally ready to do my estate planning, I wanted an attorney who only practiced estate law. I did a google search and found Inna Fershteyn. She had great reviews and she was conveniently located. I am so glad I found her. She is professional, very knowledgeable and efficient and also surprisingly warm and approachable. Her staff is very on point. What I especially like, is that she seems to have a lot of experience with estate planning, and she was able to guide us to make good decisions, explaining in detail why it would be better to do something this way instead of that way. I had been putting off estate planning for so long, but working with Inna Fershteyn, the estate planning and will process was easy and I have utmost confidence in the work that she did. I can rest easy knowing that my estate is all tied up in a nice bow. Now if only I could convince my Mother that she needs to do the same.

Janice R

We found Inna Fershteyn through a Brooklyn lawyer referral website. We were a little nervous as we had no idea what to expect from a lawyer we just found online. However. meeting with Inna was a wonderful experience. She was extremely helpful and supportive and knowledgeable regarding what I needed for my future. Inna is extremely personable and a wealth of knowledge as she displayed during our meetings to set up a trust for my family. We will continue to work with Inna in the future. Definitely recommend her!!

Louise Katz

Inna is the most knowledge asset planning attorney in the 5 boros!!

Sabrina Mangual

Highly Recommended. Dealt with NY Managed Long Term Care and was able to achieve positive results.. Honest and Reliable. Does exactly as promised and sets correct expectations. Good follow up and communication on progress of the case. Reasonable Fees.

Alex Tsodikov

Inna Fershteyn helped me with estate planning. She was easy to deal with and did the work very fast. If you need any help with estate planning I strong oy recommend her office. I would definitely go to her again if I have a legal issue.


What can I say about Inna Fershteyn and her entire team to accurately describe how amazing my whole experience was? I’m not sure words would be enough but I will certainly try. First of all I am utterly and completely impressed by her knowledge, professionalism, organization and accuracy when it comes to getting the job done. She also did it in record speed time at a very reasonable price. But more importantly and what I hold dearest to my heart is that from the moment I made the call initially and spoke to her absolutely delightful Paralegal Secretary Diana, I knew I was in good hands. I was hesitant and weary about lawyers up till now. I instantly felt that they legitimately cared. I would HIGHLY recommend The Fershteyn Legal Team to the people whom are near and dear to me. Thank you Inna and Diana for taking such great care of myself and my families needs.

Irena Newman

I chose Law Office of Inna Fershteyn based on reviews and was very happy with my decision – she is indeed an awesome Estate Planning Lawyer! When I came to a consultation with Ms. Fershteyn, I was impressed with her qualifications and approach. She was super-attentive and during our first meeting did very comprehensive estate planning for me. She explained the difference between a Trust and a Will and that, unlike the Trust, the Will needs to go through probate. We eventually settled on doing both a Revocable Living Trust and a Will, Living Will, Healthcare Proxy, and Power of Attorney. All the work has been completed in less than 2 weeks. When I came to sign all the documents, we reviewed everything again and I received very specific instructions on what to do in case of life changing events.
I have to say that during this entire process I sent numerous emails to the law office with questions. All the emails were returned almost immediately and I felt very secure and satisfied with all the answers. I already recommended this law office to several of my friends who needed various trust and estate documents done and they were also very happy. Thanks, Inna F, for your great expertise, recommendations, and very thorough approach to my situation.

Alena Sakovich

Inna and her staff do a tremendous job when it comes to not just routine estate planning, but advanced and complex plans and probate matters. If you need an estate plan, elder planning, Medicaid planning, or any type of family estate asset protection, give Inna a call you’ll be glad you did!

Michael Palumbo

Inna Fershteyn is a leading trust and estate attorney, with a specific area of expertise in wills, revocable & irrevocable trusts and related tax planning. Mrs. Fershteyn was recommended to us as the best in practice. I had a pleasure of working with her to develop a solution that was unique and designed specifically to fit our needs. Her level of experience and knowledge was remarkable. Shes extremely versed in various aspects and caveats of forming a trust with multiple variables as well as legal and regulatory requirements attributed to our jurisdiction.

We are Nassau County residents, which comes with its territory and challenges, inclusive of a complex tax structure and other associated requirements. Mrs. Fershteyn handled everything on our behalf, explained in great detail the requirements, answered all our questions and presented us with different options. She was instrumental in helping us to come up with the most feasible option.

Inna is approachable, responsive, efficient and simply a pleasure to deal with. She is a subject matter expert in her field and has passion for what she does, which is a formula of success in my opinion. We were pleased with our outcome and overall experience with Inna. We would absolutely recommend her and work with her in the future should the need arise.


We are in our late 40th and finally decided that we need to do some estate planning to protect our kids and our parents. Law Office of Inna Fershteyn prepared Trust and Wills for us, did power of attorneys and living wills and healthcare proxies.  We didn’t even know such documents existed and we needed to do them or that Will itself was not enough to leave the house to our kids.  The office is very well located near a parking lot and a train station and office staff is very pleasant and responsive.  We had some questions after the planning was done and received immediate response to all our follow up inquiries. I since recommended Inna Fershteyn and her office to several of my friends.

BYT Designs

My wife found Inna on yelp and to our surprise everything people were saying in the reviews was accurate. We lost our father on Christmas night last year and needed an attorney to handle his estate. Inna and Dina saw us right away and made the process very easy and also advised us to create a trust for our own protection in which we did as well. We can’t thank Inna and Dina enough for their compassion and professionalism with these matters and  will definitely recommend them to our family and friends.

Michael Bell

I found Inna online and was also recommend by members from the legal team at my workplace. My spouse received a letter from HRA regarding a medicaid investigation and she decided to go to the interview without legal consultation. After speaking with Inna with the regrettable decision we made, I hired her immediately after our consultation. During our consultation, Inna was able to identify the issue immediate after looking at our documents and hear what I have to say, she was able to provide solutions to each scenario that may or will occur and was very confident with settling the case.

Besides the investigation case, I have also hired Inna to setup a trust for my parents real estate and it was very smooth transition. Inna expert knowledge guide my parents to decide what’s best handling their real estate then went above and beyond to prepare all documents and have the trust completed in very short notice.

Jacky Choy

I am 2 years away from retirement and needed to have Estate and Medicaid Planning done as I was afraid I would not be able to afford medical insurance when I retire, let alone to pay my bills. A friend of mine recommended Law Office of Inna Fershteyn as she already did her retirement planning. I was glad I took her advice – Inna was very courteous, understanding and most important experienced.   I ended up doing Revocable Living Trust, Will, Living Will and Power of attorney and later on I came back to Inna to do my Medicaid Planning.  I have to say I was very impressed with services that were rendered and would recommend this office to anyone who needs elder law planning.

Natalia Berdakina

I have the pleasure of working at the Law Office of Inna Fershteyn as an intern. Over the course of these past few months, I’ve witnessed nothing but expert advice and care to each client. Attorney Inna Fershteyn has a way of tending to each client’s needs and values each and every one of their concerns. I have sat in with multiple consultations she’s had with clients and can attest to the fact that she gives the best service possible no matter the uniqueness of the situation. She has a gift of making her clients feel at ease and has extensive knowledge in her field. I’ve never seen someone that cared about her clients in the way that she does. From estate planning to elder law, there are so many cases that come in and out of the office and all receive quality service. The paralegal Dina, whom I work with closely, is also very professional and passionate. Every client encounters Dina first, and she treats them all with great care and respect. Her work is instrumental in each case and she fits great with Inna. They make a great team. I recommend Inna Fershteyn to anyone in need of an attorney that will efficiently prioritize their case and work towards a solution one step at a time.

Shya B.

Inna Fershteyn is a creative and solutions-oriented attorney, who effectively identifies the issues in a client’s case and renders a viable solution. I worked on several cases with Inna that involved tax consulting and the results were outstanding.  Her insight into estate planning left the clients completely satisfied.

Alexander Sikarevich

We were very stressed because our mother had recently been diagnosed with dementia and we needed to get her financial house in order. We live in NJ and Mom lives in Brooklyn. We were unsure if Mom was going to be moving to Jersey to be closer to us or would be staying in NY so we needed an attorney who was licensed in both states.

I am so happy that we found Ms. Fershteyn! Inna is that rare combination of competent and caring. It was so reassuring to work with her because it is instantly apparent that she has an extensive legal knowledge base to draw from coupled with a quick, creative mind that facilitates solutions that other attorneys may not see. She helped us to secure our power of attorney, establish an irrevocable trust to protect Mom’s assets and most importantly, provided steady, calming, guidance to us.

My husband and I also had Ms. Fershteyn draw up our wills, powers of attorney, and medical powers of attorney. We feel much more protected now that we have done this very necessary, but often put off until too late, legal paperwork.

Any review of the Law Office would be incomplete without acknowledging the competence and caring of her assistant, Dina.

RoByn T., 01/09/2017

Inna Fershteyn went above and beyond the call of duty helping my Mother with setting up her trust. Not only she guided us along the process, but also referred us to her trusted network of professionals for additional help. I started feeling hope once Inna got involved. Inna Fershteyn is exactly who you want to have on your side: she has a thorough knowledge of the Elder Law, impeccable reputation and reliability, and empathy and kindness to her clients.

Irina L., 12/30/2016


I found Inna here and made an appointment based on these reviews. I can now tell you first hand that all these positive reviews are the truth. My case ended up being more complicated than I originally thought and she was there to find a solution every step of the way. Everything was taken care of in a timely manner and with great care.

Inna and her staff are friendly, courteous and very professional. Having never done any type of estate planning in the past, I had a discussion with my financial advisor as to what Inna’s plans were and he said she is right on the money, her solutions in my case were best for everyone and provided the best protection for my family. She genuinely cares and loves what she does for a living and if anyone brings up in conversation estate planning I will be sending them to Inna.

Ian V., 11/11/2016

“After searching around for recommendations for an attorney who could help me with my estate planning and asset protection needs, several people recommended Inna’s office. Having dealt with a number of lawyer’s in the past for different needs, this office was a refreshing experience. Inna is very knowledgeable in her field, as she helped me with a will, as well as setting up a trust that addressed my particular needs. She was very personable, spent as much time as needed to address every single question and concern I had, was always available for a follow up phone call, and was very pleasant and personable. This kind of work can be overwhelming, as not everyone wants to think about these issues, especially involving wills and the inevitability of your own demise. But Inna made the whole experience as smooth and as painless as possible. She offers vast experience and knowledge of a large law firm, yet personal attention of a smaller law office. From my personal experience, it is almost impossible to get a lawyer to return your phone call.  Inna, on the other hand, was on top of my matter. She has excellent, professional support staff, and helped me accomplish what I needed swiftly. I will definitely return for all my future needs, and would recommend her office to anyone who wants to clearly understand what is being done for them.  Your needs will be addressed 100% in a professional, knowledgeable manner, without leaving your wallet empty, as the fees for her services are very reasonable.”

Blake B., 08/25/2016

As a parent of a kindergartner and an infant, I recently  realized that I need to do Estate Planning to make sure if something happens to me or my husband they will be taken care off.  She did my estate and will perfectly! I Have also used Inna in my business even though it’s new, I wanted to make sure i have proper protections in place from lawsuits and simply business continuation. Its always nice to have a smart business and estate planning attorney that you trust nearby! Overall she was great to deal with! Funny and caring and extremely knowledgeable!

Leona K., 07/27/2016

My medical practice has worked with Inna for over 10 years. Over that time she has helped us grow and expand the practice, helping with everything from employee handbooks to the wills and trusts needed for retirement. Inna is very friendly, but she has helped us negotiate, and her ability to speak Russian in addition to English has tremendously helped our work to go proceed smoothly. She has always been very quick to respond to phone calls and emails, and setting up a meeting on our tight schedule has been a breeze. Inna Fershteyn is a very professional attorney and I look forward to working with her for many years to come.

David A., 05/18/2016

Attorneys who actually care about you? But this is true here at the Law Office of Inna Fershteyn and Associates, P.C. All of the attorneys and staff members are not only warm and friendly, but professional and very knowledgeable in all areas of Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning. Excellent choice 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!!!

Art N, 05/15/2016

I came to the Law Office of Inna Fershteyn and Associates seeking aid with my mother’s Medicaid issue. My mother was in rehabilitation for 2 months and after she was discharged , we discovered her Medicaid and SSI was taken away. Inna Fershteyn was very professional, seemed to know exactly how to resolve our issue and all in all was very helpful. All the financial problems were resolved within 3 weeks. I could not be more thankful and I sincerely recommend this law firm to anyone seeking help with law issues. Also, with the help of Inna Fershteyn I set up a trust fund for myself. Prior to her assistance, I was never aware of what a trust fund was and how important it truly is. Thank you so much to everyone within this law firm who assisted me through my hardship and If i were able to put down 10 stars, I definitely would!

Anna L., 04/30/2016

Inna Fershteyn is not only a fierce and zealous advocate to her clients, but also a devoted member of her community providing free resources to educate the public on issues that affect them the most. She’s a shark behind her desk and in front of a legal body, and a generously warm woman to those who need help, but can’t afford it. It speaks volumes to her character and qualifications.

Veronica T., 04/11/2016

Inna Fershteyn was recommended by a colleague of mine. I met Inna in her office, she asked me about for the problem I was having with an ex partner, who was suing me , Inna gave good advice and helped me through a horrible situation that turned for the better. I cannot say if it wasn’t for Inna, I may not be in the position I am today. I only have positive things to say, Inna was professional,courteous, promptly returned phone calls. I can not say that about many lawyers. Inna is very professional and I would recommend her to anyone.

Gary B., 03/29/2016

I highly recommend Ms. Fershteyn’s office. They handled estate planning for my entire family and a real estate purchase. They took the time to understand my family’s situation and create an individualized estate plan, which accounted for every family member’s needs and various scenarios. My phone calls were returned promptly, and everyone was very nice. For the real estate purchase, their advice saved me enough to cover their entire fee, and everything went very smoothly.

Lyudmila A., 03/21/2016

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