• “I had a Medicaid fraud investigation case. I was terrified when I got the letter from the HRA office of investigation. Long story short, I searched for a good attorney and I found Inna, with the help of other people’s reviews. Attorney Inna and her paralegal Dina were able to help me settle my case . I got a settlement to pay back what I owe to Medicare for small payments made monthly for seven years. I can live with that, and still take care of my kids and continue my journey to college. My nightmare is over. I wish no one goes through this. But if you need help with similar issues, take the letter and go to Inna’s office. She will take care of the rest.” – Delara E.
  • “Excellent service in trusts and estates. Explained everything in detail and gave all available options. Would highly recommend to anyone for quality work.” – Boris Yaguda
  • “Inna Fershteyn did a great job fighting for me and my best interests. Most situations that require an attorney aren’t good, but she made my situation as good as possible for me. She stood beside me throughout the entire process. She is very personable, easy to talk to. I will definitely use her again when I need legal services. Highly recommended!” – Aleksandra I. 
  • “Inna is the most knowledgeable asset planning attorney in the 5 boros!!” – Sabrina Mangual
  • “Highly recommend Law Office of Inna Fershteyn to anyone who got a letter from HRA regarding the Medicaid Fraud investigation. I do not recommend anyone dealing with those investigators themselves. When I called, the investigator was extremely rude and pushy. She intimidated me with all sorts of questions and finally told me that I can go to jail. Inna Fershteyn provided me with peace of mind and explained all possible outcomes of my case. She assured me that there will be no criminal charges and, in fact, I never had to deal with those nasty investigators again, which was a great relief” – Raymond R.
  • “I would like to express my appreciation to the attorney Inna Fershteyn and her office. She helped me when my case was investigated by Medicaid. She negotiated it with the investigator, so I ended up keeping my insurance and closing my case completely. She is very diligent, the office is very friendly and she was always available to answer any of my questions. I can recommend attorney Fershteyn to anyone who is looking for legal representation.” – Michael M.
  • “Inna Fershteyn is an excellent attorney. I saw several attorneys before and none of them helped. My company was supposed to repay a huge amount back to Medicaid. We were under Medicaid Fraud Investigation. Inna gave us excellent advice and helped us to stay in business. I would recommend her office and would come back in case I need any legal advice.” – Ada H. 
  • “Attorney Inna Fershteyn assisted my family with Medicaid fraud investigation case. It sounded very scary when we received a letter from the Medicaid Fraud unit and were asked to come in for an “interview”. She attended an interview on our behalf and worked out a compromise where we actually got to keep our Medicaid. Very grateful as our situation was very stressful.” – Anna L.
  • “I am a financial advisor and I recommend clients to Inna Fershteyn when they need asset protection, Medicaid planning, or estate planning done. I have to say that over the last few years I have only heard positive responses about Inna’s work. She is very diligent, polite, respecting of client’s wishes, and takes her time to explain things to clients no matter how trivial the question can be. She works with extremely tight deadlines to make sure clients don’t lose their benefits and is always available for questions. I am so impressed with her work that I recommended my own mother to do Estate planning with Inna’s law office recently. I can’t recommend her highly enough.” – Daniel Gikher
  • “Attorney Inna Fershteyn did Trust work for me and I couldn’t be happier. She was very attentive to every detail, discussed my family situation and addressed all my questions during numerous meetings and phone calls. She knew that I was a retiree and living on a fixed income and she went above and beyond her call of duty. I recommend her very highly.” – Janet Brown
  • “Inna Fershteyn did Estate planning for my family and I couldn’t be happier. As someone with small children I understand how important it is to protect them, to appoint a guardian and to take care of the financial issues. For anyone who wants a peace of mind even when going on vacation without kids, I highly recommend the best Estate planning lawyer in Brooklyn, Inna Fershteyn.” – Dr. Leona Kotlyar
  • “My wife found Inna on yelp and to our surprise everything people were saying in the reviews was accurate. We lost our father on Christmas night last year and needed an attorney to handle his estate. Inna and Dina saw us right away and made the process very easy and also advised us to create a trust for our own protection in which we did as well. We can’t thank Inna and Dina enough for their compassion and professionalism with these matters and  will definitely recommend them to our family and friends.” – Michael Bell
  • “Highly Recommended. Dealt with NY Managed Long Term Care and was able to achieve positive results. Honest and Reliable. Does exactly as promised and sets correct expectations. Good follow up and communication on progress of the case. Reasonable Fees.” – Alex Tsodikov
  • “Legal matters can be overwhelming to say the least. I’m extremely happy that my sister-in-law introduced me to the law office of Inna Fershteyn. Inna Fershteyn explained Elder Law Planning to my husband and I and really put us all at ease and prepared to take care of our parents as they grow older. Inna was so diligent and took the time to truly educate us on all our options, helping us plan today for an uncertain tomorrow.” – Alyona Romanoff
  • “Attorney Inna Fershteyn represented us in a very difficult case involving medicaid. She submitted documents for us, represented us during the hearing and actually won the case. We were very nervous as we were accused of medicaid fraud but everything actually resolved in our favor.” – Sonya M.

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