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The Law Office of Inna Fershteyn offers unique learning internship opportunities for highly motivated college students under the guidance of experienced paralegal and managing attorneys. Through direct involvement in day-to-day activities, interns gain practical insights into the intricacies of legal practice. This unique learning environment is complemented by continuous guidance from seasoned professionals, ensuring that interns receive personalized support and mentorship throughout their tenure. 

Since 2010 the Law Office of Inna Fershetyn has been dedicated to mentoring numerous law students, assisting them in evolving into accomplished legal professionals. Throughout the internship, participants work closely with the firm's attorneys, gaining insights into legal research, writing, social media, and critical thinking skills. 

Our intensive 6-week paid legal summer internship program starts the first week in July and runs for 6 consecutive weeks. After the completion of the 6-week summer internship, a part-time in-person paid position for the remainder of the year is offered to qualified candidates. The internship program consists of two tracks: 

Legal Writing Track:

As a legal writing intern, you will be assigned different legal topics to research such as estate planning, elder law, medicaid planning, banking regulations and so on. Using your research, you will draft informative articles that will be published on our legal blog, websites, and social media.

Being a great writer and researcher is essential to becoming a practicing attorney and the writing/research team will not only be a great way of refining your writing skills, but it will also help you better understand the different areas of law our office practices. You will have one-on-one writing training sessions and feedback for each article you draft.

Marketing Outreach Specialist / PR Outreach Track: 

Work directly with the content team to proactively reach out to local press, journalists, local websites and other firms to secure content placements and create relationships that can lead to increased visibility external to the website. Help create lists, write outreach emails and directly contact websites to offer helpful content they might place onto their websites. Secure guest post opportunities, spots in publications and backlinks while expanding the firm's network of partners.

Generate creative content for social media such as infographics, videos, infomercials and printed materials to be published on our websites and blog. Work in the team of 2 other interns to come up with creative content, draft language for video presentation and transcribe testimonials and reviews from clients to be uploaded on YouTube and websites. Writing and social media content generation, research of social media, posting on Tik Tok, Snapchat, Instagram as well as Linkedin, Avvo, Justia, Facebook, and Twitter.

Being a part of the social media team is great for individuals who want to go into marketing and other related fields, as you must not only produce informational content, but also make content that attracts potential clients to our office.

Summer Internship Requirements:

All interns work 2 days a week physically in the office so we can monitor your work progress and can answer any questions that you have right away and the rest of the time from home if necessary. Teamwork is essential as you will be working in teams. You will also be able to answer phone calls, and interact with clients, which is essential to gaining experience in a legal environment. One-on-one feedback will be provided.

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Typical Day of a Law Office Intern:

At the start of the workday, all interns gather with their teams to discuss their plan for the day. The team leader will report back to the marketing manager and attorney. Once a week, all interns will meet with the internship coordinator to discuss the progress of their projects and to ask any questions.

  • After your team meeting, you will get started on the work that was assigned to you by the team leader.
  • On a rotational basis, interns may work with the paralegal at the front office and “shadow the paralegal” for the day. They gain experience and knowledge on the day-to-day operations of a law firm, whether it’s answering phone calls, drafting documents, and or meeting clients.
  • Each intern will have their own dedicated workstation during rotation and will meet with the team in the conference room.

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