Inna Fershteyn Radio Appearances

NY Top Medicaid Fraud Attorney answer questions on Medicaid Fraud investigations in NY City and various penalties.

Attorney Inna Fershteyn 718-333-23 is one of the best  Medicaid fraud attorneys in NY who handled over 1,000 Medicaid fraud cases.  She has over 22 years of experience and if you google her, has more than 200 5 star reviews and video reviews from clients.  Her Website is:

Q:  Inna, a lot of people are receiving Medicaid and are not eligible for it.  They either lied on their Medicaid application and didn’t show entire income or didn't show all the members of their household.  They get investigated for it and can be arrested or go to jail for fraudulent information that they submit to the HRA office

Q:  What should I do if I receive a letter from the NYC HRA Bureau of Fraud investigation?

Q:  Can I refused to answer questions or produce my tax returns during my HRA fraud interview?

Q:  What are the possible outcomes  of medicaid fraud investigation?

Q:  I am not eligible for Medicaid and my work cannot provide me with medical coverage, what other choices to get medical coverage after closing my Medicaid fraud case?

Q:  How much money can I make to avoid a Medicaid fraud investigation? Can I own a house and be on Medicaid?

Q:  Right now a lot of elderly people are losing their MLTC Home Care hours (Home Attendant hours are being cut off). Most of the time MLTCs are cutting hours without any notice to elderly and their relatives only find out when it’s too late to appeal when hours have already been taken away. Can you help such people? Can something be done to get the hours back?