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A Will is an expression of your wishes. It must go through probate process before the assets can be distributed to the beneficiaries. Probate can take up to 1 year in the state of NY. A Trust is a legal contract that allows the settlor (creator of the trust) to provide how his or her property is managed and distributed even after the death of the settler without going through probate. Asset protection is safeguarding one’s wealth against those who may have claims against it (creditors or former spouse, for example), often by converting it into an asset-protection trust and thus keeping it out of the jurisdiction of the court. How to Legally Shield & Hide Assets from Creditors



Elder law is an area of law covering estate planning, wills, trusts, long term care, retirement benefits, nursing home and Medicaid planning. Medicaid planning is assistance provided to a potential Medicaid applicant in preparation for his Medicaid application. It helps those who were permanently or chronically ill, injured, or disabled to be eligible for benefits.



Will probate is the process for determining whether a will is potentially valid. A will contest by heirs can influence the decision of a will probate. Medicaid fraud by Provider is billing for services not provided, performing unnecessary tests, unnecessary referrals, and charging separately for services usually offered at a packaged rate. Medicaid fraud by Recipient is not disclosing correct income, lying about your address, and receiving medicaid benefits illegally.



Guardianship is legal process under either Article 81 of Article 17A where a court gives another person legal rights to act on behalf of a child whose paretns are dead are missing or on behalf of the incapacitated person. Once appointed, Guarding will step into the shoes of a parent or disabled person and will act as his or her legal representative or an AIG (attorney for the incapacitated person). Estate Planning is a legal process where experienced trust and estate attorney designs a plan to correctly manage your assets during your life to minimize taxes and law suits and to properly distribute assets to your children without going through probate and minimizing estate taxes.

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