Five Ways Business Owners Can Avoid Probate Problems

Probate is the legal process to establish the validity of a will.
Probate court is where you go when there are disputes over a will’s
validity. Probate judges make the final call. Simple enough, right?
If you’ve been in business for long, chances are you’ve heard at
least a few tales of probate problems plaguing family members, would-be
successors or remaining business partners.
Open court battles, lengthy delays and outrageous expenses – all part
of the lore of the evil nature of probate. In many cases, however, the
root cause is a messed up estate plan. In and of itself, probate doesn’t
have to be contentious, lengthy or expensive. Problems arise when a
decedent leaves a jumble of difficulties for the probate court to
Your business interest holds a number of tangible and intangible
property rights, and these rights may be a mystery to a probate judge.
Leaving the disposition of your business and its assets to the probate
court is like leaving your kids with an unknown babysitter. You get what
you get.

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