Even Your Sperm Needs A Will

It may have never occurred to you before, but yes, your reproductive cells need a will. You never know what could happen within the next second of your life. One minute you could be talking to your partner about getting married and having children and the next you’re at their bedside saying goodbye. This rang true for a couple in Colorado earlier this month.

Kate Creswell and Tom Alexander thought all was well in their lives until Alexander suddenly fell ill and was hospitalized for heart complications after a hike. They had been together for seven years planned for a future of creating a family. He later died in the hospital unexpectedly. Kate then requested to have his sperm extracted with the support of his family. Unfortunately, without a will or a medical directive, it was extremely difficult to find a urologist to perform the extraction. There was also a time limit in place for how long the sperm would stay viable. After facing too many obstacles, Kate gave up.

The main problem that prevented the doctors from helping Kate was the lack of consent. This has occurred before to other couples. Another woman and her dead fiancé’s family was able to win over a court proving that retrieving sperm or eggs can be considered organ donation. Though the court ruled in her favor, it was over 10 years ago, and no other court has ruled this way since.

It was too late for Kate, but it does not have to be for you. A will is needed for everyone especially if you are leaving loved ones behind. Do not be afraid to have that talk with your partner. If you plan on having kids in the future make sure to address these terms within your will. It all depends on your needs and future plans.

Wills are there for your convenience and to make life easier for you. Having a professional present to aid you will also make the estate planning process a breeze. If you have any further questions concerning wills and estate planning, don’t delay to discuss your estate planning needs, please contact an experienced estate planning attorney at the Law Offices of Inna Fershteyn by calling (718) 333-2394 or contact us via email today.

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