9 Small Things to Be Thankful For

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we’re all thinking about what we’re thankful for. We often think about the big things like loved ones, good health, and good fortune, but what about the small things in life that we casually forget about? We asked people to tell us about the small things they are thankful for any day of the week.


1) Finding Money in Your Pocket

Don’t you just love putting your hand into your pocket and finding some extra cash? It’s like finding buried treasure. Now you have a little something extra to brighten up your day. Be sure to treat yourself well to some lunch.

2) A Good Night’s Rest

Who are you kidding? Don’t you just love that magical feeling of waking up and feeling so refreshed like you’re on a cloud? Be thankful that you feel so well rested. Good sleep is hard to come by these days.

3) The Barista Who Memorized Your Order 

No one in the morning understands you like the barista. You can always count on that coffee with two sugars and skim milk. Also let’s be honest, that coffee gets you through your day. Where would you be without him?

4) GPS Navigation

Instead of driving in circles all day or asking some random stranger, you can drive to where you need to go without looking clueless. Not only has it you saved time, but also it has saved you from getting lost and being in the middle of nowhere.

5) Good Hair Days

Having a good hair day just makes your day that much better. It’s almost as if you’re a movie star. Your great hair makes you feel more attractive and more confident. Admit it.

6) Being Able to Google Anything

Have a question? Chances are that Google has the answer. You can search anything on the Internet these days even those questions you don’t want to be judged for. The options are endless.

7) Making the Train Right Before It Closes

We’ve all had that rush of adrenaline where we’ve ran to the train platform and caught the train with a second to spare. We’re just too fast for it.

8) A Good Book

There’s something about not being able to put down a good book that is just so rewarding. It’s like you are part of another universe.

9) The Opportunity to Embrace Your Inner Child

There’s just something so refreshing and fun about embracing your inner childish side. It’s not shown that often to most people, but when it is, it’s just the best feeling.
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