No, You Don’t Have to Disinherit a Child With Special Needs

Over the past 20 years, the number of students with disabilities has increased at a faster rate than both the general population and school enrollment.
In 2010, approximately 2.8 million school-age children were reported to have a disability. (The Individuals with Disabilities Education
Act (IDEA) defines “disability” as: “mental retardation, hearing
impairments (including deafness), speech or language impairments, visual
impairments (including blindness), serious emotional disturbance… and
who, by reason thereof, need special education and related services.”
Of course those statistics only include children with disabilities
who are students; some number of children are unable to enroll in school
because the nature of their disability is too severe.
Many people assume they will have to, in effect, disinherit a child
with disabilities because if they leave them money… they’ll lose the
government benefits they are entitled to.

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