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Competent and caring
"We were very stressed because our mother had recently been diagnosed with dementia and we needed to get her financial house in order. We live in NJ and Mom lives in Brooklyn. We were unsure if Mom was going to be moving to Jersey to be closer to us or would be staying in NY so we needed an attorney who was licensed in both states.

I am so happy that we found Ms. Fershteyn! Inna is that rare combination of competent and caring. It was so reassuring to work with her because it is instantly apparent that she has an extensive legal knowledge base to draw from coupled with a quick, creative mind that facilitates solutions that other attorneys may not see. She helped us to secure our power of attorney, establish an irrevocable trust to protect Mom's assets and most importantly, provided steady, calming, guidance to us.

My husband and I also had Ms. Fershteyn draw up our wills, powers of attorney, and medical powers of attorney. We feel much more protected now that we have done this very necessary, but often put off until too late, legal paperwork.

Any review of the Law Office would be incomplete without acknowledging the competence and caring of her assistant, Dina."
RoByn T., 01/09/2017

Impeccable reputation and reliability
"Inna Fershteyn went above and beyond the call of duty helping my Mother with setting up her trust. Not only she guided us along the process, but also referred us to her trusted network of professionals for additional help. I started feeling hope once Inna got involved. Inna Fershteyn is exactly who you want to have on your side: she has a thorough knowledge of the Elder Law, impeccable reputation and reliability, and empathy and kindness to her clients."
Irina L., 12/30/2016



Genuinely caring, professional and courteous-friendly staff
"I found Inna here and made an appointment based on these reviews. I can now tell you first hand that all these positive reviews are the truth. My case ended up being more complicated than I originally thought and she was there to find a solution every step of the way. Everything was taken care of in a timely manner and with great care.

Inna and her staff are friendly, courteous and very professional. Having never done any type of estate planning in the past, I had a discussion with my financial advisor as to what Inna's plans were and he said she is right on the money, her solutions in my case were best for everyone and provided the best protection for my family. She genuinely cares and loves what she does for a living and if anyone brings up in conversation estate planning I will be sending them to Inna."
Ian V., 11/11/2016

Knowledgeable and provides personalized attention
"After searching around for recommendations for an attorney who could help me with my estate planning and asset protection needs, several people recommended Inna's office. Having dealt with a number of lawyer's in the past for different needs, this office was a refreshing experience. Inna is very knowledgeable in her field, as she helped me with a will, as well as setting up a trust that addressed my particular needs. She was very personable, spent as much time as needed to address every single question and concern I had, was always available for a follow up phone call, and was very pleasant and personable. This kind of work can be overwhelming, as not everyone wants to think about these issues, especially involving wills and the inevitability of your own demise. But Inna made the whole experience as smooth and as painless as possible. She offers vast experience and knowledge of a large law firm, yet personal attention of a smaller law office. From my personal experience, it is almost impossible to get a lawyer to return your phone call.  Inna, on the other hand, was on top of my matter. She has excellent, professional support staff, and helped me accomplish what I needed swiftly. I will definitely return for all my future needs, and would recommend her office to anyone who wants to clearly understand what is being done for them.  Your needs will be addressed 100% in a professional, knowledgeable manner, without leaving your wallet empty, as the fees for her services are very reasonable."
Blake B., 08/25/2016

Extremely knowledgeable
"As a parent of a kindergartner and an infant, I recently  realized that I need to do Estate Planning to make sure if something happens to me or my husband they will be taken care off.  She did my estate and will perfectly! I Have also used Inna in my business even though it's new, I wanted to make sure i have proper protections in place from lawsuits and simply business continuation. Its always nice to have a smart business and estate planning attorney that you trust nearby! Overall she was great to deal with! Funny and caring and extremely knowledgeable!"
Leona K., 07/27/2016

Quick to respond to phone calls and emails
"My medical practice has worked with Inna for over 10 years. Over that time she has helped us grow and expand the practice, helping with everything from employee handbooks to the wills and trusts needed for retirement. Inna is very friendly, but she has helped us negotiate, and her ability to speak Russian in addition to English has tremendously helped our work to go proceed smoothly. She has always been very quick to respond to phone calls and emails, and setting up a meeting on our tight schedule has been a breeze. Inna Fershteyn is a very professional attorney and I look forward to working with her for many years to come."
David A., 05/18/2016

Professional and knowledgeable in all areas
"Attorneys who actually care about you? But this is true here at the Law Office of Inna Fershteyn and Associates, P.C. All of the attorneys and staff members are not only warm and friendly, but professional and very knowledgeable in all areas of Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning. Excellent choice 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!!!"
Art N, 05/15/2016

Very professional and know exactly how to resolve our issue
"I came to the Law Office of Inna Fershteyn and Associates seeking aid with my mother's Medicaid issue. My mother was in rehabilitation for 2 months and after she was discharged , we discovered her Medicaid and SSI was taken away. Inna Fershteyn was very professional, seemed to know exactly how to resolve our issue and all in all was very helpful. All the financial problems were resolved within 3 weeks. I could not be more thankful and I sincerely recommend this law firm to anyone seeking help with law issues. Also, with the help of Inna Fershteyn I set up a trust fund for myself. Prior to her assistance, I was never aware of what a trust fund was and how important it truly is. Thank you so much to everyone within this law firm who assisted me through my hardship and If i were able to put down 10 stars, I definitely would!"
Anna L., 04/30/2016

Zealous advocate to her clients
"Inna Fershteyn is not only a fierce and zealous advocate to her clients, but also a devoted member of her community providing free resources to educate the public on issues that affect them the most. She's a shark behind her desk and in front of a legal body, and a generously warm woman to those who need help, but can't afford it. It speaks volumes to her character and qualifications."
Veronica T., 04/11/2016

Professional and promptly returned phone calls
"Inna Fershteyn was recommended by a colleague of mine. I met Inna in her office, she asked me about for the problem I was having with an ex partner, who was suing me , Inna gave good advice and helped me through a horrible situation that turned for the better. I cannot say if it wasn’t for Inna, I may not be in the position I am today. I only have positive things to say, Inna was professional,courteous, promptly returned phone calls. I can not say that about many lawyers. Inna is very professional and I would recommend her to anyone."
Gary B., 03/29/2016

Took the time to understand my situation
"I highly recommend Ms. Fershteyn's office. They handled estate planning for my entire family and a real estate purchase. They took the time to understand my family's situation and create an individualized estate plan, which accounted for every family member's needs and various scenarios. My phone calls were returned promptly, and everyone was very nice. For the real estate purchase, their advice saved me enough to cover their entire fee, and everything went very smoothly."
Lyudmila A., 03/21/2016

Excellent and dedicated attorney
"Inna is an excellent attorney. Very thorough, dedicated, and has great intuition. She has an incredible gift at asking the right questions and getting the necessary results. I had several serious concerns over a particular dispute with my living situation. I felt like I was put in a hostile and confusing circumstance and desperately needed legal advice. Inna very clearly provided the necessary paperwork, key things to consider, and my options to ensure I could move on with my life without causing too much of a burden on my pocket book or on my long-term record. I would recommend Inna's services to anyone looking for a professional, thorough, and friendly attorney, ready to take your case and drive it to success. I would without a doubt use her services in any other legally disconcerting situation."
Zhenya W., 03/19/2016

Handled and closed a number of complicated business and litigation issues
"Attorney Inna Fershteyn handled and closed a number of really complicated business and litigation issues for my transportation company and did Estate planning for me and my family. She has been representing my company and me personally close to 10 years . Recently, she helped me deal with a personal tragedy and I am grateful for that. Over the years she became more than attorney, she is a friend."
Igor B., 03/12/2016

Very helpful and understanding
"Inna Fershteyn is a great medicaid and estate planning attorney. I have 3 years until retirement and I was worried that I won't have enough money to afford medical insurance (surprise!). Inna met with me and my family and went over all of my assets and resources and guided me through all the aspects of estate planning. She put my mind at ease and she was also very helpful and understanding. Inna's paralegal Dina is also very nice, she returns phone calls promptly and always does what she promises. Its great to know that I can call such an amazing attorney if I have any questions in the future and that I will be treated with respect and understanding. Thank you Inna and I will recommend you highly to all my friends."
Natalia B., 03/07/2016

Patient, knowledgeable and efficient
"I was recommended Inna Fershteyn to do my estate planning by a friend. I did not know anything about the process. Inna was patient, knowledgeable and efficient. I am very happy with her work and I recommend her to anyone who needs estate planning. Thank you, Inna!"
Irina F., 02/14/2016

Very professional and extremely helpful
"The best lawyer. Very professional and extremely helpful. The process is complicated , but she was available to answer all my questions and returned calls every time I needed to clarify something. I highly recommend her for estate planning."
Angelika R., 02/06/2016

Committed to helping her clients achieve results
"You will feel secure having Inna Fershteyn and her legal team in your corner. Inna is very personable, approachable and has a good relationship with the court as well as a strong professional network with other attorneys in the trade. She specializes in Trusts, Elder Law, Insurance Fraud, Consumer Protection, Corporate and Incorporation. She has over 17 years of experience she is a highly successful attorney committed to helping her clients achieve results. I can personally attest to her unwavering commitment, I can finally sleep at night because of the work of Inna Fershteyn and her wonderful team. Hiring the Law Offices of Inna Fershteyn was the best decision I made for my family and myself."
Client (anonymous), 06/19/2015

Easily reachable and available
"Professional, experienced, creative, thoughtful and careful, Inna came up with a unique plan that best solved our problem in the Elder Law area and yet had been overlooked by other attorneys we discussed our situation with. She went way above and beyond the call of duty to patiently explain our options, answer our phone calls and look for the best resolution of our situation. Even after she finished her work on our case and we paid for her services she was always easily reachable and available to answer our additional questions, alleviate our concerns and help us navigate the course she had set us on. Needless to say we highly recommend Inna and we'll be happy to use her services in the future."
Denis, 05/14/2014

Extremely responsive and diligent
"Best Russian Attorney: Inna worked on a trust for my family. She came highly-recommended by a number of people and for good reason! Inna was pragmatic and concentrated on successfully bringing together all the moving parts and interested parties. Inna was also extremely responsive and diligent in her work. She's been an outstanding resource and has since offered legal guidance on a number of occasions, as a courtesy and completely free of charge. She’s an extremely talented attorney and people person; I highly recommend her."
Renee S., 08/05/2010